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About 60 Parsecs!


60 Parsecs! is a science fiction strategy game with roguelike features. The title was released for PC and it is a sequel to 60 Seconds! from 2015. Both games were developed by Polish studio Robot Gentleman.


The developers decided to create a retrofuturistic game. It takes place in an alternative version of the fifties, during the times when the space became the new frontline of the Cold War. The player controls a group of astronauts that managed to escape from a collapsing space station to a ship. The objective of the game is to secure the survival of the astronauts and find a way back to Earth.


60 Parsecs! for PC is a strategy game. The player is tasked with managing the crew of a space ship. At the beginning of the game the player is given sixty seconds to evacuate from the space station. One minute must be enough for collecting the needed items and preparing for the journey. During such short time the player can only gather basic supplies, which later forces him or her to sparingly manage food and rocket fuel.

During the game the player is leading the crew, making hard decisions, managing resources and exploring procedurally generated galaxy. The game was designed in such way that completing it doesn’t take much time, but at the same time each session differs greatly from the previous ones. This encourages the players to beat the game many times.

Technical aspects

60 Parsecs! for PC features attractive graphics. It uses the style of humoristic comics and features slightly grotesque character designs. The retrofuturistic setting of the game fits well with this style.

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