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About 90 Minute Fever


90 Minute Fever is a MMO game developed for PC. The title is a debut project of studio Isokron. The developers decided to use distribution model that lacks any pay-to-win features but instead requires paying 5,99 euro of monthly subscription.


90 Minute Fever for PC is a football manager which, in difference for example to Football Manager 2016, is focused only on multiplayer. This means that the action takes place in a common world in which one must interact with others – both directly, by playing matches, and indirectly, for example by influencing the economy. Despite that, the general assumptions of the game aren’t much different from classic managers.

At the beginning of the game player creates a club which he will manage. In order to do that one must design logo and clothes and hire players. Then one must set proper formation, select tactics and start conquering the football world. During the game one must react to various situations by replacing tired and injured players, changing strategy etc. What’s important, since the very beginning one can challenge the most experienced players because the game doesn’t force the users to slowly climb the carrier ladder to face a strong opponent. This has its pros and cons because one can learn much from more experienced challengers, but it’s harder to beat them.

Another interesting feature of 90 Minute Fever for PC is the possibility to hire players from various ages thanks to the Time Portal system that allows bringing players from the past to the club.

Technical aspects

Graphics of 90 Minute Fever aren’t impressing because, like in most football managers, their are limited to windows with various statistics, tactics, players etc.

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