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About Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Ace Combat 7 for PS4, PC and XONE is a battle flight simulation game with arcade flight model. Like the whole franchise, it is owned by Bandai Namco Games company, and it was developed by Project Aces – the developers of most of the previous installments.


Ace Combat 7 is set in an alternative reality: the countries in the game are imaginary, and the planes are nowhere to be found in our world. As usual in the series, the game strongly stresses out on the plot, which is told both through events occurring during missions and through numerous cutscenes.

Game mechanics

Ace Combat 7 for PS4, PC and XONE has been made with the same foundations as most entries in the franchise. Project Aces prepared strongly arcade flight model and added a few simulation’s features, mainly to make gameplay more interesting and challenging. This leads to close to no realism in the game, replaced by dynamic, airborne battles and face-offs with powerful bosses. Additionally, each plane handles slightly different, resulting in a more varied gameplay.

Game modes

Developers of Ace Combat 7 prepared both single player campaign and multiplayer mode, in which players can compete online.

Technical aspects

The games was created in Unreal Engine 4, allowing the creators to design detailed planes’ models, as well as maps that look equally good on lower and higher altitudes. Ace Combat 7 also supports virtual reality technology, more precisely, the PlayStation VR gogles.

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