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About Allison Road


Allison Road is an action-adventure horror game. The project was developed by British studio Lilith.

In Allison Road the player assumes the role of a nameless hero who wakes up one night in a suburban house somewhere in Britain without the memory of the events of the previous few days. During the campaign we have to survive five nights while trying to discover what happened and where our entire family disappeared. It will not be easy, because the building where the story takes place has a dark history, and its walls are inhabited by supernatural beings, the most dangerous of which is the specter named Lily.

We follow the events as seen from first-person perspective. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Allison Road is a classic action-adventure game in which we mostly explore the environment, avoid monsters and solve puzzles. The character we control is not a warrior and doesn’t have any tools that would enable him to fight his enemies effectively. Therefore, our survival requires a clever use of the environment, as well as hiding and setting traps.

Limiting the action to the house and its immediate surroundings allowed the authors to achieve a very high level of detail. The project is impressive not only in terms of graphics. Most of the objects are interactive and behave similarly to their real-life counterparts, which helps make the game more intuitive.

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