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About Aragami: Directors Cut


Aragami: Director’s Cut, available on Nintendo Switch, is a port of Aragami. The game was initially released in October 2016 and was available on PlayStation 4 and PC Windows but later it was released on the Nintendo console. The game was developed by Lince Works from Spain, established in 2014. This means that this version is developed by the same team as the original game.


Players control the titular Aragami – an undead assassin who has supernatural abilities. He was resurrected from death by a girl called Yamiko. She needs his help in escaping from Kyuryu, a heavily guarded fortress. With the game’s progress we discover the hero’s past and learn about his ties with the mysterious Yamiko.


The developers of Aragami: Director’s Cut, available on Nintendo Switch, were inspired by both older stealth games such as Tenchu and the newer ones including Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. The missions take place in more open location, which means that we can approach them in many ways. Since the game represents stealth genre, the core of the gameplay is to remain undetected. In this game we practically are the masters of shadows: because of his supernatural abilities, our hero can control them to some degree. Aragami can create darkness in certain places and then teleport there. Darkness also allows him to get rid of bodies of his enemies. He can also create shadow clones and even small black holes by absorbing all unfortunate guards that are around him.

However, despite his unique abilities Aragami isn’t good at fighting with enemies, especially with bigger groups. This means that the game isn’t easy and it punishes us for not being cautious enough – this usually ends with the hero’s death.

Technical aspects

One of the features that distinguishes Aragami: Director’s Cut, available on Nintendo Switch, from other stealth games is its cartoony, yet rather dark graphics. The design of the main hero is also worth mentioning – he is done in black but he wears a cape and its color depends on how well we are hidden. The developers were inspired by culture of East Asia as well as two well-known games – Okami and Journey.

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