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About Armored Brigade


Armored Brigade is a tactical real-time strategy focusing on realistic battles from the historical period of 1965-1991. Players assume control over the forces of either Eastern Block or NATO on enormous maps and face advanced artificial intelligence. In order to succeed, one has to consider a number of aspects, such as weather conditions as well as the experience and tiredness of the soldiers. When working on the game, the developers drew their inspirations from such productions as Steel Panthers and Close Combat.

The PC release of Armored Brigade is a new, paid version of another game sharing the same name that was available for free from 2008-2016. The creator of the original, Juha Kellokoski, established Veitikka Studios that developed the newer and improved Armored Brigade.


In Armored Brigade for PC, players have to skillfully manage the army they control as well as take advantage of the weather and terrain conditions to succeed. Battles take place in real time or in turns. Player gets to command infantry, panzer, and air force units equipped with gear that was used during the Cold War. Among the available factions, one can find the USA, the USSR, Great Britain, Finland, both East and West Germany, and Poland.

The game described herein offers battlefields scaling up to 225 km2. All the maps have been carefully modeled to faithfully represent the locations as they were during the Cold War, i.a. using old military maps. During the game, one has to consider multiple aspects (e.g. forest thickness, obstacles, fortifications) and respond to current weather conditions (wind, day and night cycle). Should it be necessary, units can use special pieces of gear such as flares.

The PC release of Armored Brigade features dynamic AI system that was designed to efficiently utilize controlled forces in accordance with the current conditions. The gameplay is enriched by the fact that sometimes the player and the AI are trying to accomplish different goals set in different areas of a given map. The unpredictable nature of the AI, dynamic campaigns, and battle generator keep the gameplay fresh and increase the replayability ratio.

Game modes

Armored Brigade for PC features only the single-player mode.

Technical aspects

The game described herein delivers rather simple visuals. Battles can be observed from up close, with focus on a single unit, or from a distance with all the units represented by symbols. The game includes also an integrated editor allowing players to add new factions and units, as well as to modify the existing ones.

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