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About Art Strip Poker


Art Strip Poker for PC is the sixth entry in the series of popular erotic games developed by Polish studio Torquemada Games. Other games in the series include Video Strip Poker HD and Video Strip Poker Classic. The described game was in development for more than two years.


Similarly to previous games in the series, Art Strip Poker for PC focuses on playing poker (classic draw poker with five cards) with attractive women. The players can raise, bluff, check and exchange cards in order to get the best hand and win the game. The ultimate objective isn’t to get the biggest amount of money (although it is important as well), but to completely strip the opponents. What makes Art Strip Poker different from other games in the genre is the fact that the models are naked from the very beginning and all clothes (including underwear) were painted on their bodies by using bodypainting technique. The best bodypainting specialists were hired to work on this game. Thanks to that, the illusion that the opponents are wearing clothes is very impressive. It is the first game that combines strip poker with body art.

How does the process of “stripping” the female opponents work if they don’t have any clothes? It is based on special montage with a time-lapse effect that presents the process of painting the models from backward. This enables the players to precisely see how detailed the illusion is.

Technical aspects

Interface in Art Strip Poker for PC is split into two parts. The bottom part features the poker game and the upper part features high-quality videos with actual models – the hallmark of erotic games developed by Torquemada Games. The developers highlight that they avoided vulgar pornography – all nudity is presented with taste.

The developers greatly improved the artificial intelligence of the opponents and beating them is much harder. It is worth mentioning that the interactivity level and the possibility to customize the girls were greatly improved as well. The players can decide whether they want to fight against an experienced player or a shy beginner. The women are reacting to the situation in the game, increasing the illusion that the player is playing against a real human.

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