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About Asylum


Asylum is a mix of adventure game with survival horror genre for PC. It is a title of Senscape Interactive studios, which worked together with developers like Augustin Cordes, one of Scratches’ producers.


Asylum takes us to more than grim mental hospital of Hanwell, filled with secrets and dangers. As we explore the building filled with patients and employees, we discover the story featuring many twists.

Game mechanics

Asylum for PC focuses on exploring dark hallways of Hanwell. We get access to practically every room (including dining room and staff offices) and meeting various characters: guards, janitors, nurses, doctors and, of course, patients. Each of them has a lot to say, and those dialogues intensify the feeling of a threat lurking in the darkness.

Technical aspects

Developers of Asylum designed a few floors of the building based on real-life places, only making it more disturbing. All of this has been created with a lot of care for details and good taste, and is complemented by suggestive soundtrack.

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