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About Atomic Space Command


Atomic Space Command for PC is a multiplayer action game set in space. It was developed by No, You Shut Up! – a studio established by ex-employees of Maxis who worked on games like SimCity and The Sims.


Our task in Atomic Space Command for PC is to dominate an entire solar system with the help of our spaceships. Controls were designed in a way that requires multiple players to achieve full functionality and effectiveness of our ship. Gameplay focuses on cooperation with our teammates and rivalry with other groups of pilots. Participants are divided into two teams, each of them consisting of many space ships.

We begin our adventure by choosing our basic space ship model. Later, we can use our rewards to upgrade and modify our ships and build new ones. Rivalry in the game focuses on taking control over planets. Doing so allows us to build bases on them that generate victory points and resources. It is a variation about the Capture The Flage game mode with an additional pinch of strategy.

Our space ships have multiple subsystems. Managing all of them requires a lot of effort. We have to assign our crew members to specific tasks, manage energy resources, and decide about the order of repairs. In addition to other players, there are some NPcs aboard our ships. We choose them from a rich base of characters. It is possible to steer our ship by ourselves, but doing so with other players is much more effective and fun.

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