Battlezone Gold Edition Keygen


Battlezone Gold Edition
Battlezone: Gold Edition Keygen is an enhanced variation of the Battlezone video game from 2016. The original for the PlayStation 4 console (and later on likewise the PC) enables you to play only when utilizing virtual reality goggles. The new edition dedicated to the Windows PC platform enables gameplay without such gadgets. In addition, the Disobedience studio has geared up the game with all the releases launched for the initial release, including skins and Classic mode. The other aspects have not altered. It deserves discussing, however, that the Gold Edition is provided complimentary to the regular Battlezone owners as part of the upgrade. Plot As befits a classic shooting, Battlezone: Gold Edition is defined by a rather poor storyline. When the Earth is attacked by animals from an alien world, the gamer beings in the cockpit of a modern-day fight tank, and his job is to eliminate opponent tanks, airplane and other unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Mechanics Battlezone: Gold Edition License Key is a remake of the timeless shooter, which debuted in 1980 on fruit machine, then was moved among others for ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Apple II computers. For the development of the game represents the knowledgeable Disobedience studio – the creators of such games as Aliens vs Predator or the Sniper Elite series. The action of the video game is shown from a first-person point of view, and while playing we are traveling through futuristic areas filled with neon components characteristic of science-fiction movies from the 80’s, such as TRON. The video game combines a dynamic action with the need to tactically prepare the next actions. Players sit behind the controls of futuristic tanks, which they combat, to name a few with watchtowers. He shoots at them using laser weapons, missiles and other effective weapons. Levels are generated arbitrarily, so each approach to play appearances different. An additional destination is the possibility of passing a co-op campaign for approximately 4 people.


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