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About Black Mesa


Black Mesa is a mod developed by Carlos Montero and the Black Mesa Modification Team, which consists of over forty members. The production is a renewed version of Valve Software’s Half Life, a game released in 1998. Despite countless complications and problems, Black Mesa was completed in September of 2012.

The player will take part in the adventures of doctor Gordon Freeman, who is working in a secret research facility called Black Mesa. Our hero has to face legions of aliens, which emerged from the world of Xen after a failed experiment, and also hold off against the US Military Forces, sent to eliminate the threat and all evidence or witnesses of illegal activities performed in the research centre.

The team led by Carlos Montero made sure to put all of Source Engine’s capabilities to good use. Not even a single shred of code from the original Half Life was used to create the project, which led to the creation of two thousand models, five thousand textures, over two thousand sound effects, as well as new recordings of six and a half thousand lines of dialog.

Thanks to this new, fresh approach to the adventures of Gordon Freeman we can, once again, walk the corridors of Black Mesa facility, while also enjoying very advanced graphical effects and brand new animations. The soundtrack was composed from scratch by Joel Nielsen, and it does not fail to make your fight against aliens and special forces an extremely exciting experience.

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