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About Blackwake


Blackwake for is a multiplayer-only action game developed by an independent Mastfire Studios. The game, released on PC, was funded thanks to campaign on Kickstarter, a popular crowd-funding network.


In Blackwake, the action is seen from a first person perspective. We participate in sea battles for up to 64 players, assuming the role of crew members of the individual ships. Our job is simple – load the cannons and operate them, repair the damages, patch up the hull, outpour the water, move supplies, and in case of a success – board vessels. In case of the latter, we can use sabers, as well as muskets. Additionally, all team members choose a captain. His job is to coordinate the crew and to choose a tactics that correspond to the situation at hand. Interestingly enough, if he isn’t up to the task, the other players can replace him through a simple vote. The sea is affected by dynamic weather conditions, with a sudden storm adding a new level of tension during a fierce battle.

Game Modes

The game debuts with two gameplay modes: 1v1 showdowns, and 3v3 battles, joined by ships of different sizes. Aside from that, the ships can be modified, so we are free to change their names or color them as we please. The same applies to our character – we can choose from a wide set of apparel, and modify his looks at will.

Technical Aspects

Blackwake is characterized by rather average 3D graphics. However, the developers decided to help players immerse in the marine scenery, including detailed water, and spectacular rains and storms.

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