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About Blockade Runner


Blockade Runner for PC is an independent sandbox title enabling us to travel into outer space. The game, developed by ZanMgt, applies various elements seen in cult-classic Minecraft to a somewhat uncharted territory, all the while adding a number of innovative ideas.


In essence, Blockade Runner is a sandbox. We begin the game by creating a spaceship. Each unit begins its existence as a model built from a metal frame, which is then filled up with blocks that work, as it’s more complicated and functional elements, such as engine parts, consoles, power grids, as well as military-grade equipment such as armament or armor parts. All these elements have to be connected in an efficient and thoughtfull manner. For example, every unit-wide system has to have an energy source, while each room should be supplied with oxygen. Moreover, the ship can also be furnished with additional objects or numerous decorative elements. The whole system is intuitive and gives a lot of freedom at the same time – with a little effort; the player can create a virtual version of a popular spaceship seen in a movie or a TV series.

The game itself takes place in a procedurally generated environment, which results with a creation of a new galaxy each time we begin a new session. Most of the objects found in the game can be destroyed, including ships or inanimate objects such as asteroids, with each block being affected individually. Aside from open-space mining, we are free to travel to other parts of the galaxy in order to take part in numerous assignments that often involve meeting a number of different alien species. We spent most of our time on board our vessels, but we are free to engage in space walks in order to perform various actions such as repairs or scouting.

Game Modes

The game contains a singleplayer mode, yet the whole project is multiplayer-oriented. During multiplayer sessions, a group of players can become a crew of a single spaceship, taking control of its systems and armament in order to face the AI controlled opponents or to take part in spectacular space battles against numerous player-controlled spaceships.

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