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About Body of Evidence


Body of Evidence for PC is another production by Polish studio Empyrean, known for the investing and building construction simulation game House Flipper. This production has nothing in common with the previous one, as it focuses on getting rid of incriminating evidence.


The game’s goal is not to kill anyone, but to clean up the crime scene. You play as a person, who doesn’t exactly know what happened last night, but knows that it had to involve many things, as there is a dead body on the floor. To make things worse, someone is knocking on their door. Without much hesitation, you settle on cleaning up the place—and since it goes quite well, you also decide to make a living this way.


The gameplay of Body of Evidence consists of covering all your tracks. It means you not only have to get rid of the body, but also wipe away the blood, rearrange the overturned furniture, etc. As the mission begins, a phone rings, giving you details about your commission. Then you go shopping in order to buy the necessary equipment, such as trash bags or cleaning supplies. Later on, you arrive at one of the thirty locations (such as a house or gym), which can be completed in various ways by using the things you bought or found. You can e.g. hide the body under the mattresses in the corner or stuff it in the trash bag and throw it down the chute.

The task seems simple, but there are people knocking at the door, which limits your time; usually, you have to clean everything up in just a few minutes. Afterward, the AI enters the room and checks it. If it doesn’t find the body, you win. However, you need to cover all the other tracks as well, first and foremost the blood—all your mistakes are counted. The better job you do, the more money you get and the higher is your place in the ranking.

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