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About Burnout Paradise Remastered


Burnout Paradise Remastered for PC, PS4 and XONE is a refreshed and extended edition of Burnout Paradise – a title developed by Criterion Games and released in 2008. Burnout Paradise Remastered was created by Stellar Entertainment. Apart from the base version of this racing game, the package contains 8 DLCs, including Big Surf Island, Cagney, Boost Specials, Burnout Paradise Party, Cops and Robbers Pack, Toys, Legendary Cars and Burnout Bikes.


Burnout Paradise Remastered for PC, PS4 and XONE takes the player for a journey to the fictional Paradise City, and thanks to one of the aforementioned DLCs, the Big Surf Island. The player takes part in dynamic races and insane challenges – while engaging in the latter, one can win through crossing the finish line on the first position, by neutralizing the opponents (performing the so-called “Takedowns”) or simply through causing fear among the other road users. An advanced damage system is the game’s distinctive feature, as crashing cars is very spectacular here; at any time, the player can activate the Showtime mode in order to cause as much destruction as possible and make the most of the said damage system.

The creators included 150 vehicles – although the cars and bikes are not licensed, one can recognize their real-life equivalents without difficulty. When it comes to the driving physics, Burnout Paradise Remastered is an arcade game – the player reaches incredible speeds and performs impossible stunts while going that fast – one jumps for long distances or performs endless drifts for example.

Game modes

An extensive, single-player career mode constitutes the core element of the game. However, one can also put their skills to the test while racing against other players via the Internet or in the local multiplayer mode.

Technical aspects

Burnout Paradise offered high-quality graphics, and the game’s another great asset was constituted by the presence of over a hundred vehicles with lots of destructible elements. The creators of Burnout Paradise Remastered brought higher-resolution textures and optimized the game for different systems. As a result, the owners of Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, as well as those with strong PCs, can enjoy the game in 4K resolution, at 60 frames per second; on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game runs in 1080p.

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