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About Cefore


Cefore for PC is a unique logic puzzle game developed by indie studio Pixelz Games.


Cefore is set in the future, when space flight is common. The game’s protagonist is Baro, a mustached scientist, whose task is to gather information on various planets. His approach to it is quite unorthodox, as he gathers the data by destroying elements of the environment, while also gathering useful materials and resources.


Cefore for PC utilizes a third person’s perspective. The gameplay consists of exploring varied, although relatively small, locations and solving more or less complicated puzzles involving destructive activities. You can use several tools. For instance, the jetpack allows you to reach higher, less accessible places, explosives can demolish bigger fragments of certain constructions, and balloons let you transport heavy objects. The puzzles are quite original and require creative thinking and most of them can be solved in various ways. As the game progresses, you unlock upgrades for your ship (allowing you to travel farther between planets) and new costumes for the protagonist.

Technical aspects

Cefore features distinct cartoonish visuals and a pleasant, catchy soundtrack. It’s definitely worth noting that the game utilizes a special engine that makes the buildings explode and fall according to the basic laws of physics.

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