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About Classroom Aquatic


Classroom Aquatic for PC and PS4 is a game developed for VR headgear by small indie studio Sunken Places. The production is a humorous simulation game, similar in style to I Am Bread, Job Simulator, and Goat Simuator. The main theme of Classroom Aquatic is education.


Classroom Aquatic is not a typical educational game for children, in which you learn colors and shapes through minigames or solve simple problems. Still, the production is set in a school and your task turns out to be cheating at tests. You play as a diver, who as a result of a school exchange, finds themselves in an underwater dolphin class. As everyone knows, dolphins are very intelligent, so tests don’t pose a problem for them. Contrary to the player. In order not to make a fool of yourself, you have to sneakily glance at your classmates’ tests and copy their answers. You have to be careful, though, or else the teacher will notice, and you also shouldn’t be too pushy about cribbing, because other students may expose you.

Technical aspects

Classroom Aquatic for PC and PS4 features a first-person perspective and humorous, cartoonish visuals. The game doesn’t necessarily look top-notch, but the overall style allows to forgive the production’s shortcomings.

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