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About Claybook


Claybook for PC, PS4 and XONE is a logic game enriched with arcade elements, developed by an independent Finnish studio Second Order. The game is the team’s debut project.


The players take on the roles of kids, who get familiar with the unique, titular book. In practice, the book is on the table in a typical kids’ room. While turning the pages of the book, colorful levels made of clay reveal themselves to the characters whose goal will be to solve numerous puzzles.


Similar to elements of the environment, objects used in the game are also made of clay. The player solves subsequent puzzles (environmental as well) through forming specific shapes from clay. Each shape has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and some of them have special powers.

The advanced, Clayfield physics engine governs the experience, making sure that interactions between particular objects go smoothly. Thanks to this engine, the in-game environment is highly modifiable. Cubes can form a bridge or crash through walls with their sharp edges; smaller elements get attached to a ball when it rolls over them.

Game modes

Claybook for PC, PS4 and XONE can be played in the singleplayer, but also in company of three other players. The cooperation-based multiplayer component gives an opportunity to experience the game in the split-screen mode. Apart from that, the game offers a level creation system, which allows the player to design their own puzzles.

Technical aspects

Claybook stands out with its high-quality visuals filled with lively colors. The experience is complemented by a pleasant soundtrack.

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