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About Closed Nightmare


Closed Nightmare is a horror adventure developed by Nippon Ichi Software.


The main heroine of Closed Nightmare is Maria Kamishiro – an amnesiac girl with left land paralysis. The protagonist wakes up in a gloomy room and receives a phone call from Chizuru; she informs her that she is taking part in an experiment. In order to gain freedom, she has to carry it out until the end. Unfortunately, the girl has no other choice but to accept her situation and, at the same time, try to find a way out from this creepy place. The story is not linear – our choices and actions shape the ending we arrive at.


The story of Closed Nightmares is told through the first-person perspective, FMV cutscenes – one of the key elements of gameplay. Another major aspect is exploring and careful examining of the surrounding – by doing so, we can not only come across useful items but also find new information concerning the plot. The things we learn can be useful while solving logic and environment puzzles on which the success or failure of the experiment depends.

Technical aspects

The creators of Closed Nightmare did not put their main emphasis on the visuals. The game is primarily composed of cutscenes with real actors and interactive, pre-rendered scenes with interface elements. The production contains excessive violence.

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