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About Conquest of Champions


Conquest of Champions is an online strategy, which combines elements of a turn-based battle game with a card game. The program was developed by Kihon Games, a studio founded by the core of the team that had previously created the popular PoxNora. Conquest of Champions was released on PC and WWW in a free-to-play model with microtransactions.


Conquest of Champions is set in a typical fantasy universe. Your task is to collect cards and create your own personalized decks, and then use those to challenge other players. In each duel you strive to eliminate the opponent’s hero and destroy their altars, while protecting yourself from being treated the same way. You do it by playing cards in turns, which activate various effects, let you cast spells, or summon heroes. Battles are fought on gridded arenas, on which you can freely move your characters. Conquest of Champions for PC and WWW offers both story-based single player campaign as well as expansive multiplayer.

As you play, your heroes gain experience points, which are cumulated after each duel. Besides, Conquest of Champions offers a crafting system as well as the option to combine two the same cards into one, much more powerful version. There are well over one hundred cards and numerous heroes in Conquest of Champions grouped under three factions, and the game’s content is regularly expanded.

Like nearly all modern card games, Conquest of Champions for PC and WWW uses a free-to-play business model with microtransactions. Upon creating a game account you get one free hero along with a deck of cards. All elements that influence gameplay can be gained by playing – doing missions and taking part in online duels.

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