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About Cryamore


Cryamore for PC, PS4 and etc. is an action-adventure/RPG hybrid and the first game developed by NostalgiCO. The game is inspired by the classic game series like Secret of Mana.

The Plot

The game takes place on Noka islands. For centures people who live there based the growth of their civilization on steam engines. It all changed when cryamore, the titular mineral, was discovered. Cryamore not only has a bigger energy-generation potential, but can also ‘unlock’ the hidden potential of living beings. However, the full-scale utilization of cryamore upset the world’s balance and attracted mysterious monsters that devour natural resources, including cryamore, to the islands. We play as a young scholar Esmyrelda Maximus who was given the task of finding alternative ways of extracting cryamore by her village’s Mayor.


In terms of gameplay, Cryamore for PC, PS4 and etc. is inspired by classic console game series like Secret of Mana and first installments of the Legend of Zelda series. Combat is arcade and takes place real-time. When in battle, we can use weapons (swords, axes, spears, crossbows) and magical powers. Magic in Cryamore is divided into nine categories: fire, water, earth, wind, electricity, shadow, space, time, and one additional, currently undisclosed element. We use these abilities not only during combat, but also when exploring the game’s world, i.e. we can destroy an ice wall that blocks our way by using a fireblast on it.

The game offers many side quests along with the main story, like a series of missions of bringing back our village it’s former glory. The day/night cycle implemented in Cryamore influences the game’s world. i.e. some shops are closed during different parts of the day, and some montsters appear only on specific hours.

Technical Aspects

Cryamore for PC, PS4 and etc. has 2D visuals inspired by the Japanese games of the genre. Character animations are spot-on and all background in the game are hand-drawn.

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