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About Crying is not Enough


Crying is not Enough is a third-person perspective action game with the plot set between two parallel worlds. This survival horror is developed by the independent Greek studio Storyline Team.


Crying is not Enough tells a dark story that combines horror and science fiction genres. In the prologue, the hero – 35-years old Jacob Helten – is involved in a major car crash and together with his wife Claire they are taken to a hospital. Upon regaining consciousness, the hero finds out that his wife sank into a coma. Love and guilt make saving Claire the only thing that matters for Jacob. One year later, he is visited by mysterious Eleonore who promises to wake his wife if he accepts to do something for her. As it turns out, the mission involves going to a mythical, parallel world filled with dangerous creatures.


Balancing on the verge of two worlds, the protagonist needs to solve a number of puzzles and defeat loads of enemies. Jacob can make use of his fists and firearms which can be further modified thanks to a crafting system. As we progress, the hero gains more experience, and each new level unlocks a new skill.

Importantly, the game features a karma system, so our choices shape the story and the ending we arrive at, as there are a few of them.

Technical aspects

The visuals powered by Unity game engine are very decent. The title offers a detailed interface with a compass, a minimap, and the target indicator. The creators made sure all the game’s dialogues have a voiceover. The main hero is played by Dean Wendt, known from the children’s TV series Barney & Friends.

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