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About Cube World


Cube World for PC is an independent RPG game that combines classic gameplay mechanics inspired by the Japanese representatives of the genre, such as the series of The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Landstalker, or Monster Hunter, and the dynamic, Minecraft-style voxel world.

The game starts with creation of a character. In addition to selecting the basic factors, the players can also choose the race and appearance of their virtual alter-ego. Then the created character sets off into the world to seek adventures. Cube World is a sandbox game therefore it offers no plot. Instead, the game is designed to be a big sandbox which offers the players complete freedom of action.

Cube World is an RPG focusing on the limitless exploration of its world build of voxels generated on-the-fly and thus is practically infinite. The complex block-land is full of dungeons, castles, and extensive underground locations highly populated with independent characters and monsters. There are, of course, plenty of dynamic side quests and diverse inventory. The combat is based on real-time, arcade-inspired mechanics, and the outcome depends on both the characters’s skills and reflexes of the players themselves.

As the character advances, he or she gains experience points which are then spent on increasing their statistics. Thanks to the voxel nature of the world, the game allows a considerable influence on its shape, including destruction of the environment, construction of buildings, and creating the player’s own objects. Cube World on PC can be played either alone or in cooperation with friends.

The game’s graphics is colorful and retro-inspired. It looks like the old 16-bit Japanese RPGs moved into 3D. Achieving such appearance is possible thanks to basing the engine on voxels which are practically three-dimensional pixels.

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