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About Dead Cells


Dead Cells for PC, PS4 and etc. is an action game with roguelike and metroidvania elements. It was developed by French indie studio Motion Twin.


Dead Cells is set in a dark fantasy world. The game utilizes a side-view perspective and the gameplay focuses on exploring a grim castle and fighting enemies. The locations are procedurally generated; there are various chambers, cloisters, and sewers to explore. The levels are nonlinear, and you can reach them by different paths. When you die in the game, your death is permanent, which means that you have to start over every time. There are no checkpoints, but every respawn allows you to visit new parts of the castle. The place also features simple puzzles, e.g. you can discover a secret entrance to a faraway part of the fortress by pulling a lever.

Combat in an important aspect of the game. It was inspired by the Souls series — the battles are very difficult and both the bosses and regular enemies are a serious threat. To succeed you have to work out their attack patterns and get you character to a high enough level. In combat you can use melee weapons (swords, spears, lashes), ranged weapons, and more or less powerful spells, both offensive and defensive.

Technical aspects

Dead Cells for PC, PS4 and etc. features colorful 2D visuals. Although the overall style is pixel-art, the old-fashioned graphics were enhanced by modern, advanced visual effects.

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