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About Dead Dozen


Dead Dozen developed for PC is an asymmetric online action game developed by Fntastic – a studio known for working on i.a. The Wild Eight.


The action of Dead Dozen is set in 1993 inside an abandoned Soviet research station in Siberia. Twelve soldiers are dispatched there to fight with ghouls roaming the area.

As befits a multiplayer game, Dead Dozen for PC does not offer an elaborate story – it serves a secondary role to explain the background.


The game revolves around PvP matches. Players observe the action from the first-person perspective. At the beginning of a match, one player is turned into a ghoul and henceforth is tasked with eliminating the remaining players. A ghoul can kill, eat, and infect the soldiers turning them into the undead beasts who also begin hunting on the remaining players.

Humans have to fend off ghoul attack and win if they eliminate all the monsters.

The PC release of Dead Dozen is a so-called asymmetric multiplayer game, which means that the teams competing with each other are entirely different. Ghouls are difficult to kill, as well as faster and stronger than humans. Human soldiers are weaker and less resistant to damage, however, they are armed with better weapons. They can also build barricades and begin each match with a large advantage in their numbers.

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