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About Dead Metal Punks


Dead Metal Punks is a PC sidescrolling shot ‘em up game created by a one-man studio – MA Games Design. In the past Paul Scott, an independent developer who created Dead Metal Punks as his debut project has been working on 2D and 3D modelling not only for the purpose of video games, but also for the motion picture industry.


In Dead Metal Punks, players get to visit a post-apocalyptic world, somewhat resembling the one delivered by the Borderlands series. The game features a side perspective, from which players can experience two separate game modes: first one allowing the players to control the main protagonist – Lily, and the second, where one can traverse the locations with a fancy tank.

No matter which mode we choose, we get to move left or right and eliminate hordes of ground and air units. Additionally, the location design requires the players to stay focused, as even one wrong move can result in our character cashing in her chips after falling into a deadly trap or falling over a precipice. The platform components are also present in levels featuring tank driving – the vehicle is equipped with jet engines allowing it to cover small distances in midair. Each stage within the game ends with a boss fight – defeating those overdeveloped adversaries requires proper firepower and also considerable agility.

From the corpses of defeated opponents, players can collect scrap – the in-game currency. Between the game stages, players can use the protagonist’s headquarters to upgrade their vehicle and choose the next location.

Technical aspects

The PC release of Dead Metal Punks is based on the Unreal Engine 4 technology, ensuring high quality visuals – colors are rich, details plentiful, and the gunfights are full of striking explosions. The electronic soundtrack that accompanies players during the game is the frosting on the entire Dead Metal Punks cake.

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