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About Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse


Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse for XONE, PC and PS4 is a survival action-adventure game developed by the studio Steamroller.

The Plot

We play as a wooden boy named Lathe who is a talented inventor. In his adventures, a stone giant Roguard accompanies him. It is up to our to heroes to fend off an invasion of wooden zombies. At the same time, they have to make sure that the curse responsible for the invasion will not spread out on the remaining lands of Knottington. Lathe and Roguard will soon realize that the magical tree Deodar caused the tragedy. Some centuries ago four stone beings sealed its power, but one of the vile seeds was recently stolen and the evil was once again free.


By day, Roguard watches over us and defends us. This gives us the possibility to freely explore the game’s world, gather resources, and do missions that will push the story forward. When the night comes, Roguard falls asleep. We have to fight for survival and defend our sleeping friend.

Action in Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse for XONE, PC and PS4 is presented from an isometric point of view. Combat is purely arcade. In battle, we use self-made equipment like guns. We can also build traps and defensive structures.


Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse for XONE, PC and PS4 offers an open world that we can explore freely, though, at the beginning, many areas may be too dangerous for the less experienced players. The game also has many complex story missions through which we will gain knowledge about the game’s world and creatures that live there. They will also get us closer to solving the zombie problem.

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