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About Death’s Gambit


Death’s Gambit for PC and PS4 is an oldschool 2D action RPG developed by the independent American studio White Rabbit. It was inspired by classic games in the spirit of Castlevania and newer productions like Demon’s Souls.

The Plot

We play as a death’s emissary named Gambit, and our job is to purge the world from the immortals. Our mission takes us to a medieval planet where we will have to face numerous knights, undead, and monsters of all kinds. From time to time we will also encounter gigantic creatures that will require us to climb them in order to find their weaknesses and defeat them. This element brings the classic PlayStation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus to mind.


Gameplay in Death’s Gambit for PC and PS4 focuses on action and, like the previously mentioned Demon’s Souls, high difficulty level that will require the players to plan ahead and think outside the box. Death’s Gambit also has some basic RPG elements. We will level up our character and have access to a wide array of weapons and equipment. Our hero can be equipped with three special abilities at a time, one healing amulet, and two different types of weapons (swrods, bows, or even guns).


Death’s Gambit for PC and PS4 has pixelart retro visuals. Such style is very popular among the independent developers. The game is presented from a side-scrolling perspective, very much in the spirit of the Castlevania series. Visuals look good and do not strike as too oldschool. The game’s soundtrack was composed by Kyle Hnedak.

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