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About Delver’s Drop


Delver’s Drop for PC is a 2D action RPG developed by Pixelscopic.


Our task in the game is to explore procedurally generated dungeons, fight with monsters, and progress our character.

Movement in Delver’s Drop for PC is physics-based, allowing us to do a full 360-degree turn. It is quite useful when interacting with objects, fighting, and solving various riddles. It is worth mentioning that each character, enemy, and object in the game has its own physical properties like mass, friction, speed, and acceleration. All of these qualities open many ways of dealing with enemies and riddles.

There are three classes available in Delver’s Drop: Rogue, Sorcerer, and Gladiator. Each of them has their own movement system and unique weapons and abilities. More classes are going to be added to the game in the future.

Game Modes

Along with single player, Delver’s Drop for PC offers two multiplayer modes. First of them, the so-called Horde Mode, allows us to face hordes of enemies with other players. The second one is a classic Deathmatch where players fight against each other.

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