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About Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human for PS4 is another adventure game developed by French studio Quantic Dream, the creators of Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. This time the developers decided to expand the idea of the female android Kara, who debuted in a 2012 technological demo.


The story is the mainstay of Detroit: Become Human for PS4. Because of that, and in order to avoid even minor spoilers, the plot breakdown won’t be detailed. The game takes place in the future, in the titular city of Detroit. In the game’s universe, robots that look and act like humans have become a part of reality. However, Kara is special, as she has feelings and a consciousness. This makes her want to find out the truth about herself, other robots and maybe even change their fate. Other playable characters accompany Kara, including Connor, who works in police. Their adventures are meant to answer question the why some robots had gone mad and stopped acting like other machines, instead committing crimes and even becoming suicidal.


Detroit: Become Human for PS4 is similar to Heavy Rain. It is an interactive story in which the player mostly explores the environment. Since the protagonists are androids, the players will have plenty of new possibilities. For example, when playing as Connor, it is possible to quickly analyze various data, like a weapon left by a bandit. The robot can also reconstruct some events based on clues – this is similar to the mechanic used in Batman: Arkham Origins.

In addition to that, the title offers an advanced dialogue system. Finding evidence increases the number of available dialogue options used during key situations. If the player isn’t focused on conducting the investigation, his options during an important conversation might be limited. It is very important as the dialogues have strong impact on gameplay and can lead to various outcomes.

Technical aspects

Quantic Dream has been known for high-quality graphics. Detroit: Become Human for PS4 fully utilizes the power available in the Sony console. Thanks to that, character models are great and the surroundings are rich in details.

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