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About Dome City


Dome City for XONE, PC and PS4 is an adventure game taking place in a science-fiction universe. It’s a debut production of a Hungarian studio Overon Station.


The action of Dome City takes place in a undetermined future, in times where humanity have researched a technology allowing human beings to survive on alien planets. The campaign itself takes place in a city encased by a dome build on Mars. A mysterious event forced its inhabitants to abandon the colony hundred years ago. The trio of main characters has to discover why the citizens had to leave their city, and find a way to escape the Red Planet.


The game focuses on exploring locations and solving riddles. The game world has an open structure, and offers a lot of locations to visit. We can enter every part of the city, and search through every building and room. At the same time, the campaign was designed to be largely non-linear. Most of the challenges can be solved in more than one way, and the decisions made during the game can push the story onto different tracks. This means that multiple playthroughs are required to discover all the variants of the story.

The action is seen from a first person perspective. The puzzles are logical, and integrate seamlessly with the plot. Most of them involve mathematics, physics, or astronomy. Finding a solution requires not only putting your mind to work, but also a proper use of the abilities of each character. Additionally, we are forced to search for resources necessary for our survival such as food, water, or electric energy sources. Hidden stashes of these items can be found by reading leftover notes and records of former inhabitants of the city.

Technical Aspects

Dome City for XONE, PC and PS4 was developed using Unreal Engine 4 technology. The music was composed by Petri Alanko – a Finish artist, author of soundtracks for games such as Alan Wake or Trials Fusion.

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