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About Egress


Egress is a role-playing action game by indie studio Fazan. It was released for various platforms, including PLAT.


The game is set in a fantasy universe inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and Victorian aesthetics. Egress takes you to a grim town, in which you fight others to the death.


The gameplay of Egress for PLAT features battle royale matches. At the start, you choose one of the available characters; each of them has varied combat abilities. Then you start exploring a large map, with only some standard equipment in your inventory. Since a battle is won by last player (or team) left alive, to succeed you have to find better weapons, with which you can eliminate any person crossing your path. The battles resemble the combat from the Souls series, so you don’t shoot, but fight in a melee range. Facing the enemy, you have to carefully watch their moves to find a blind spot in their defenses, and quickly doge their attacks.

Game mode

Egress features only a multiplayer mode. You can fight in teams or on your own.

Technical aspects

The 3D visuals of Egress are well-done; the minimal lighting and grim colors contribute to the dark atmosphere. The game’s soundtrack features synthwave music.

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