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About Fe


Fe is an action-adventure game developed for PC, PS4 and etc. by Swedish studio Zoink which created such titles like Stick it to The Man! and Zombie Vikings. The production was published by Electronic Arts as part of the EA Originals initiative which promotes the work of independent developers.


Fe for PC, PS4 and etc. takes place in a mysterious realm in which everyone, from animals to trees, communicate by using melodies. The player assumes the role of a young creature similar to some two-legged wolf, which is merely starting to learn about surrounding world and which is trying to find its place in it. In order to do it, the player must learn as many melodies as possible to be able to communicate with surroundings creatures. However, the Silent Ones will stand on player’ way. They intend to silence all sounds.

The whole campaign of the game is devoid of any words – the story is told only by using pictures and sound effects.


Fe for PC, PS4 and etc. is a three-dimensional action game in which the camera is positioned behind the protagonist. The gameplay focuses on solving riddles and exploring the world in way typical for platform games. The key aspect during the adventures is the melodies hummed by the protagonist. The melodies are used in combat, to solve riddles and to communicate with other creatures. The latter can sometimes help the player, for example by allowing him to fly on his back to high places. In order to achieve success in the game one must understand how the ecosystem of the realm works and use this knowledge to solve various troubles.

Technical aspects

Visuals are the strong point of Fe for PC, PS4 and etc.. The game offers fully three-dimensional graphics which are nice looking and which use very sparing style. Simplified character and environment models gave the game a slightly comic style.

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