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About Final Fantasy Type-0 Online


Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is a Japanese multiplayer RPG for iOS, AND and PC. The project is co-developed by Square Enix and Perfect World. This is a free-to-play title with microtransactions.


The action is set in a technologically-advanced fantasy world known as Orience, a place disrupted by war between four powerful nations. The universe is parallel to the world of Final Fantasy Type-0, which means that you can come across familiar places and characters, yet there are still significant differences concerning the plot.

Players take control of a group of teenagers specialised in using magic which they use during military missions.


Published on iOS, AND and PC, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online draws inspiration and improves mechanics from the multiplayer mode of Final Fantasy Type-0. Therefore, this is a multiplayer action RPG in which small groups of players explore maps filled with regular creatures and powerful bosses. The title primarily concentrates on real-time arcade combat. During combat, you can help each other by summoning magic units. The game also features a development system that allows players to improve heroes’ statistics and abilities in exchange for experience points gathered during the adventure.

Warriors relax in the school between missions. There are many things to do there – you can take classes, make friends, and play various mini games. If you are successful in those areas, your hero develops and learns new skills. So, in order to fulfil you character’s full potential, you need to take care of both school life and victories on the battlefield.

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