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About Flagship


Flagship is an innovative space RTS game and the debut production of the Urban Logic Games studio.

The action of the title takes place in the distant future, when humanity has managed to colonize almost the entire solar system and started to conquer more remote regions of the galaxy. Unfortunately, the rather aggressive expansion has led to a war against an alien civilization, with a formidable and more technologically advanced military force. Ultimately, our species had lost the conflict and humans were forced to abandon their previous home planets; the survivors have escaped to the distant regions of the galaxy and are now trying to find a new home for their people. The player steps into the shoes of the commander-in-chief of the fleet’s remnants and is now responsible for recreating the human empire from scratch.

Flagship grants us the role of the admiral and does not let us forget about our duties even for a second. Steering our character is similar to the movement in most FPP titles. We will find numerous monitors and devices on the bridge, which can be used to send orders to others ships in our armada. During our playthrough we explore the galaxy, gather resources and fight against the enemies we encounter in space; the imposed first person perspective makes all of the mentioned activities much more challenging, forcing us to plan out our course of action well in advance. The developers have made it possible to directly control fighters and bombers; however, it is extremely difficult to command the fleet from their cockpits, which is why it is reasonable to withstand this possibility until the skirmish is nearly over and its result has been practically decided.

The title has been created with full 3D graphics and a very intuitive UI, in which the crosshair transforms into a cursor after pointing it at the interactive screen, therefore, allowing us to give commands and use devices. The Urban Logic Games studio has granted full support for the VR Oculus Rift; however, it is still possible to enjoy the production on a standard monitor.

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