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About Forward Assault


Forward Assault is a first-person online shooter released on mobile platforms running on AND and iOS and developed by Blayze Games. Its lead designer was Lucas Wilde, the author of Bullet Force from 2016. The game uses a free-to-play business model with microtransactions.


As it is often the case with multiplayer-focused games, Forward Assault features no story whatsoever. What you get is a dynamic FPS, focused strictly on online battles. Gameplay is based on fast-paced combat for just a few players.

Maps are relatively small and there are no vehicles to drive. Forward Assault is set in modern times, therefore, you can make use of such weapons as the AK-47 assault rifle or the Deser Eagle pistol.

Released for AND and iOS, Forward Assault offers several multiplayer modes. Besides, the game also lets you play against AI-controlled bots.

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