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About Galactic Junk League


Galactic Junk League is the first fully-fledged PC title created by Pixel Federation, a Slovakian studio known from Happy Birthday Mart for Nintendo DS or smaller browser titles such as TrainStation. This time, we are looking at a multiplayer action game distributed in a free-to-play model in which players build their spaceships from unusual parts and then use them in combat. The role and the abilities of each unit are strictly dependent on used parts, while battles themselves take place on unique arenas, full of junk and debris.


The post-apocalyptic universe of Galactic Junk League sees only one type of entertainment – ferocious space battles taking place on special arenas. To take part in the games, the pilots have to build their machines from various parts found in the space junkyard – from improvised torpedoes built from an old refrigerator, up to advanced particle weapons.

Completed ships are used in team vs. team battles during which the player assumes control over his vessel. Each pilot has to watch out for obstacles, enemy positions, range of their weapons, and finally the handling of his own machine. Accuracy also counts – the players can focus their fire on certain parts of the enemy ships, destroying them in progress. Aside from weaponry, including Gauss cannons, rockets, or lasers, the ships are also equipped with special modules, enabling them to accelerate on the fly, slow down or immobilize the opponent, apply defensive shields or replenish the energy supply.

Game Modes

Standard matches are played in 7v7 format. The players are divided into two groups, with an objective to eliminate enemy team. The match is won by the team, which managed to score more kills. We are also left with a practice mode that enables us to test our creations on static targets.

Technical Aspects

The developers attempted to create a “post-apocalyptic western” atmosphere, introduced through a technique similar to cel-shading. The advanced physics engine enables us to engage certain parts of each unit, forcing them to detach and float around the space. The ships can also be cut in half, while critical damage results in complete destruction, with parts of the ship dispersing around the area.

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