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About Ghost of a Tale


Ghost of a Tale is an indie action-adventure game with role-playing elements, in which you play as a small mouse and explore the medieval world inhabitated by animals. The game was created by Lionel Gallat, a former DreamWorks and Universal animator, who worked on such projects as e.g. The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Sindbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Shark Tale and Despicable Me.


At the start of the game you arrive on a mysterious island. What are you looking for? What happened on the island? Why is the place full of zombie rats? That’s what you have to find out. You only know that the island of Periclave used to be a lodgement of a powerful rat armies, but now it’s abandoned and haunted. There are tales, though, about a treasure hidden somewhere in the local tower. However, finding those riches is a big risk, even for a strong warrior.


The game is not a typical hack’n’slash, in which you’d have to fight an army of undead rats, and it’s not a clasic, peaceful adventure game either. In Ghost of a Tale, you explore the unknown lands, where you read journals, look for clues, uncover secrets, and also fight many enemies. You gather experience both by fighting and exploring.


The game’s creator says he was inspired by e.g. such YA and children’s literature as Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh or La Fountaine’s fables, as well as drawings by Alan Lee and John Howe, who created the illustrations for Tolkien’s works. Ghost of a Tale also features many references to such games as Zelda, Ico, Dark Souls or the Gothic series.

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