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About Gloria Victis


Gloria Victis is an ambitious project of the independent studio Black Eye. The game, originally known under the title Ether Fields, was created as an alternative to the “free” Korean MMORPG productions, which often feature unrealistically idyllic Medieval-like settings full of improbable creatures. The focus of Glotia Victis lies in a dark and mature narrative paired with an extensive depiction of socioeconomics in the virtual world.


The story of Gloria Victis is set 20 years after a series of turbulent events, including wars, crusades, and mysterious killings, that left their mark on the entire continent. This does not mean, however, that peace prevailed. The descendants of the first creators of the world are still fighting each other, and the hero controlled by the player is thrown into the center of this conflict.


As befits a MMORPG, the gameplay in Gloria Victis focuses primarily on exploration, questing, and combat. The player creates his or her avatar by choosing from one of four character archetypes. The mechanics implemented give the player complete freedom in developing his or her character, as there are no classes or professions.

The game world rather faithfully emulates the reality of the Middle Ages – with some small exceptions, as the creators decided to implement fantastical elements (monsters, magic), inspired by actual beliefs from that era.

Combat is an important element of the gameplay. The game implements a non-target combat system, which forces the players to aim their attacks and avoid enemy strikes by themselves. The available arsenal includes a wide array of both melee (e.g. swords, axes, maces) and ranged (bows, crossbows, etc.) medieval weapons. Noteworthy is the advanced AI of the computer-controlled enemies, who know how to use their strengths and cooperate with each other.

The creators emphasize the importance of economy and community-building in the virtual world. As per usual, we can set up our own guild, join one, or create a team of adventurers. The crafting system includes 10 different trades, allowing the players to create a variety of items.


On the technical side, Gloria Victis is powered by the Unity 3D engine (the earlier version of the game – Ether Fields – employed a proprietary engine called Barok). This results in attractive, well-detailed visuals. Another asset of the game is the soundtrack, heavily inspired by authentic medieval music.

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