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About Godus Wars


Godus Wars released on PC is an improved version of Godus, an RTS god simulator which is the spiritual successor to the series Populous started during late eighties. The father of both projects was the legend of video game industry – Peter Molyneux, the creator of such series like Dungeon Keeper and Black & White. When working on Godus Wars, the famous developer focused on a completely new project and left the future of Godus Wars in hands of 22 Cans studio.

This title replaced the original version of Godus which, despite being released on mobile devices and being available on Steam for more than 2 years, never leaved the Early Access initiative. The title was released for free for all owners of the original Godus who after turning the game on could select whether they want to play the original version of the game or the improved Godus Wars.


The plot of both versions of the game is similar. Just like in the original game, in Godus Wars player assumes the role of one of four playable gods who use their abilities and powers to provide welfare and safety to their followers.


The general gameplay mechanics are mostly based on previous concept created by Peter Molyneux. The player can select one of four gods with completely different game style, unique abilities and powers. By controlling one of them, player is leading his tribe through stages of development. He gathers resources, creates new buildings, faces various problems and enemies and gradually attracts more believers. The game takes place on seven varied continents which, thanks to godly powers, can be freely shaped – for example by raising or lowering the terrain, creating water tanks etc.

Some new gameplay mechanics were introduced in Godus Wars for PC. These mechanics focus mostly on combat and options typical for classic real-time strategies (which developers promised for the original version of the game). During the game, as the tribe expands to new areas, player controls a large army consisting of almost 50 various units – from regular archers to deadly heavy catapults. The outcome of battles can be easily influenced by using various power cards. They can be combined in various combinations and provide a great advantage over the enemies.

Game modes

Similarly as the original version of the game, Godus Wars for PC offers only singleplayer mode during which player faces gods controlled by artificial intelligence.

Technical aspects

Graphics of Godus Wars for PC don’t differ from the ones in original Godus. The changes made by the developers were limited to mechanics and new content.

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