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About Golem


Golem is an action adventure game released exclusively for PS4, as it was designed with the view of virtual reality headsets PlayStation VR. This is a debut project of Highwire Games, a studio founded by veterans from such teams as Bungie, 343 Industries, Sucker Punch and Airtight.


Golem lets you play as a boy, who lives in a fantasy realm. As a result of an accident, the small hero gets gravely injured. His state is so serious that he cannot even leave his bed on his own. Therefore, he spends all days in his room, dreaming of finding a way to travel beyond the four rooms. His wish is fulfilled when the boy discovers he has a power to create and control stone minions, i.e. the eponymous golems.


Released for PS4, Golem is an action adventure game, in which you play as a bedridden boy. Using the virtual reality technology you can observe the events from the young hero’s perspective and do only what he is able to do. That’s why all interactions with the world must be done by the hands of the stone minions.

Initially, you can only create small golems, which can barely move around the room. In time, however, your power grows and the creatures you bring to life get bigger and stronger. Eventually, you can go out of the room and explore the world outside, most of which are ruins of a great city.

While controlling golems you roam about the world, gather useful items, solve puzzles and fight with enemies.

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