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About Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link


Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link is a fantasy action RPG. The game was developed by PlatinumGames, the legendary developer that created Bayonetta series and games like NieR: Automata and Vanquish. Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link was officially announced in 2016. It is an adaptation of the mobile game Granblue Fantasy. The original game was developed by Cygames and it debuted in 2014. It gained millions of fans, mostly in Japan and Eastern Asia.


The developers of Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link adapted parts of the campaign of the mobile game Granblue Fantasy, presenting their own version of the events presented in that game. Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link takes place in a fictional fantasy world that consists of hundreds of islands floating among the clouds. The people are traveling between these islands in airships.

The main protagonist of the game lives on a small, calm island called Zinkenstill. Together with his friend, a small dragon named Vyrn, he starts a journey in search of his long-missing father from whom he suddenly receives a letter. Soon he encounters Lyria, a girl with mysterious power that enables her to summon the legendary astral beasts. Despite the dangers, the protagonist decides to help the girl, chased by emissaries of the Erste Empire that intends to use her gift to conquer the world.

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