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About GRAV


GRAV for PC is a sandbox action game. This science-fiction production was developed by BitMonster, a studio consisting of six people.


In GRAV, players explore alien planets whose surfaces are procedurally generated through a special system that fills them with different plants, animals and extractable minerals. Players can either play on the tops of mountains and foreign structures reaching the clouds, or choose to go underground and explore caves and ancient ruins.

As in any typical sandbox, GRAV for PC provides players with much freedom of action. The world is full of interesting places to see, but players can also use the collected materials to construct objects and build powerful bases which then they have to defend against attacks by alien species and animals. The combat system is purely action-based and is similar to TPP shooters.

An added feature consists in the possibility to use vehicles, which, of course, we must first construct ourselves. In addition, a special system that generates dynamic events in the virtual world takes care of maintaining the right pace of action, always ensuring that there is something to do.


GRAV for PC is mainly focused on multiplayer mode, and the game allows both to fight against other players and join forces with them against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. The authors set up several official servers that were popular with players, but there is also a possibility to start one’s own server.

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