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About Headsnatchers


Headsnatchers is a dynamic arcade game focuses on playing with others. PC and PS4’s version has been released by Iceberg Interactive company, and the game itself is the work of the independent IguanaBee studio.

Game mechanics

PC and PS4’s version of Headsnatchers lets us participate in an unusual competition, in which we take heads of the opposing team in rather literal fashion and try to score with them. The winning team or player is determined with the highest score, although players who lost their head and won’t retrieve it before someone scores with it automatically lose the game.

Matches can take place on one of the twenty-five maps, with the action presented by the camera located behind players’ characters. Each area offers different arsenal, consisting not only of traps and melee weapons, but also special powers (like summoning a mighty Kraken to our side) and rules of the game. One map offers a variation of soccer match, other features basketball-like competition, and other might use schemes known from bowling and ice hockey.

As heads are always at the center of attention, developers provided players with more than hundred kinds of them. And if none of them is to players’ liking, they can create their own using a complex editor.

Game modes

Headsnatchers offers four game modes, and even though it focuses on multiplayer for up to four players (both through Internet or split-screen), lone players can try a special Zombie mode.

Technical aspects

Headsnatcher’s three-dimensional graphics use simple and good-looking style filled with colors. It should be noted that every stage can be destroyed to some extent.

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