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About Heavy Gear Assault


In development from 2013, Heavy Gear Assault for PC is an attempt to restart a series starring bipedal battle mechs, called Gears, or Striders. Similarly to its predecessors, Heavy Gear, and Heavy Gear II, released in 1997 and 1999, respectively, the third title in the series is based on a license of a universe that includes card games and tactical tabletop games.


The lore of Heavy Gear Assault is incredibly extensive. Over the years, the universe received hundreds of books that expand its frame, including new dates and chronologies of the individual events. The action of the new game takes place in 6132 on Terra Nova, a planet that sees the struggle of united factions inhabiting the opposite poles of the globe.


The game is full of combat using bipedal mechs that are used by the soldiers of both factions to fight for domination over the planet. It should be mentioned that the machines are rather small, compared to huge mechs known from MechWarrior series, resulting in more dynamic encounters. However, Heavy Gear Assault shares some similarities with Hawken, a different game focused on battle mechs.

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