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About HellSign


HellSign is an action RPG in which the action is presented from an isometric perspective. The player assumes the role of a person that hunts monsters for a living. The game has a dark tone and the gameplay is focused on proper preparations and on using tactics based on knowledge about the target. The game was developed by Ballistic Interactive.


The game takes place in a fictional version of Australia, filled with fantasy monsters. The protagonist wakes up with an unclear memory of… dying in a dangerous hunt one day earlier. A weird mark can be found on his skin. The fact that he has no idea where it came from causes a disturbing feeling. The only way to solve the mystery is to learn the secrets of the weird city.


In HellSign the action is presented from an isometric perspective. The protagonist is traveling through locations and completes quests. The most important quests are related to hunting on paranormal creatures like ghosts, hellhounds, demons and giant spiders. Learning the weaknesses of the target and using proper tools is important in achieving successes with no serious harm. What player learns during the investigation is then written in Cryptonomicon – a hunter’s guide. At the beginning of the game, the player has only an old pistol and a torch, but quickly more useful items and weapons can be found. Among them, there are shotguns, silver traps, special ammunition and technologically advanced gadgets.

Game modes

HellSign features only a singleplayer mode.

Technical aspects

The three-dimensional graphics of HellSign are attractive. Lighting systems and dynamically generated shadows are especially impressive.

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