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About In The Valley of Gods


In The Valley of Gods is a narrative adventure game published on PC. The title was developed by Campo Santo, the creators of Firewatch.


In The Valley of Gods takes place in Egypt, during the twenties’ of the recent century. The player assumes the role of a female adventure seeker named Rashida. Once she was famous and renowned, but she lost that due to mistakes she made. In order to regain her position, she starts a dangerous journey deep into the desert. She hopes she will make a great discovery and manage to film it. Rashida is accompanied by her old partner Zora. The relations between the women aren’t very good due to the history they share.


The game expands on the ideas presented in Firewatch. In The Valley of Gods for PC is an adventure game in which the action is presented from a first-person perspective. The gameplay focuses on discovering the story and exploration. The game also features conversations and making decisions that affect the story.

The game is more interactive than the majority of first-person perspective narrative adventure games. Locations the players visit feature complicated architecture and frequently the player must put some effort into finding the path to the objective. During the journey, the players are accompanied by the virtual companion who helps in exploration and getting through obstacles.

Technical aspects

In The Valley of Gods features attractive, three-dimensional graphics that use a slightly cartoon-like style, filled with colors and simplified character designs.

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