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About Infinite Minigolf


Infinite Minigolf is a sequel to Planet Minigolf created by ZEN Studios (developers of, e.g. CastleStorm and Pinball FX2). The game was first released in Steam Early Access but later it was not only released on PC Windows but also on consoles.


The game represents an arcade approach to golf. However, this doesn’t mean that the only thing that counts are quick fingers because the developers made sure that the game has a rather realistic physics. This means that strength, angle, etc. has an influence on a ball and how it flies. Although Infinite Minigolf, released on PC, PS4 and etc., is easy to play, mastering it requires time, skills and learning the game mechanics.

Since the game is about minigolf the matches take place on crazy fields, e.g. near a haunted house, in a land of ice or inside a house in a track created from cardboard boxes. In addition to that we can also customize the appearance of our player by buying, additional clothes and such.

Game modes

The game, released on PC, PS4 and etc., offers a few different single player modes as well as multiplayer. We can, e.g. have two-on-two matches, play through the Internet or locally, have quick matches etc. Infinite Minigolf’s another plus it the field editor. The tools allow us to quickly create our own tracks on which we can later play.


Infinite Minigolf on PlayStation 4 and PC Windows offers an option to use VR goggles – PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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