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About Infinity: Battlescape


Infinity: Battlescape for PC is a space simulator which gives the players an opportunity to take part in huge battles with theaters as large as a planetary system. The game is the debut of the independent I-Novae studio, which comprises several experienced gamemakers. Infinity: Battlescape was being produced for over a decade and it entered the final stage of development after a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, as nearly $333,000 were gathered by the Fall of 2015.


As oftentimes in cases of multiplayer-oriented games, Infinity: Battlescape does not feature a complex story. The causes of the conflict the players take part in are simple – three corporations belonging to the Star Fold Confederacy are fighting a total war for control over a distant part of space.


At the very beginning, apart from ships and defensive systems, each faction has a specified number of space stations and planetary facilities that generate resources. The game features different kinds of ships, such as fighters, bombers, corvettes, huge cruisers or carriers – all of those can be controlled by the players. The players’ goal here is to simply destroy the enemy’s forces and their infrastructure. However, since the fighting takes place both in extensive areas of space and over surfaces of planets, achieving the ultimate victory is both difficult and time-consuming.

Moreover, Infinity: Battlescape for PC offers realistic flight physics – the game takes such factors into account, as density of atmosphere or gravitational phenomena, so flying within an atmosphere of a planet feels different to controlling a ship in outer space. It is also worth adding, that apart from a multiplayer experience, the game offers an open-world, single-player mode. The player can experience free exploration in this mode, but they can also try out different ships and weapons.

Technical aspects

Interestingly, the developer decided to create the game on the basis of an in-house technology, that is, the I-Novae Engine. The creators had come to a conclusion that none of the tools available on the market could enable them to deliver a huge, procedurally-generated universe, which does not have to use loading screens.

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