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About Iron Danger


Iron Danger is an RPG production developed by Action Squad. The studio is composed of game development veterans previously working for e.g. Rovio (the Angry Birds series) and Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake).


The title is inspired by Nordic and Finnish mythology and steampunk. During gameplay, we follow the story of the young heroine named Kipuna – a normal girl who was once given the power of manipulating time and death. She has to use those exceptional abilities to save the world.


Iron Danger is a 3D, tactical RPG featuring single player. Gameplay consists of a few elements. The game’s most important aspect is exploration of the world divided into a variety of lands. One of them is the city of Kalevala – the capital of humans. Another important place is Northlands – the Northern lands overtaken by the evil witch Lowhee whose army marches to the mentioned metropolis. During gameplay, we also visit ancient temples, travel through mountains, forests, and many other locations.

On the journey, we come across various obstacles – from simple puzzles through traps to dangerous enemies (humans, monsters, half-mechanical entities). Turn-based combat is carried out a bit differently from what we are used to. Firstly, we can make moves, e.g. attack or dodge. Secondly, we can manipulate time and go back to previous actions in order to avoid hits or synchronise attacks of the heroes – Kipuna can use magic and command one of two warriors specialised in classic weapons.

Controlling time is not the only peculiar element in Iron Danger, as the development system is also very interesting. Instead of gathering experience points, there are special challenges. Completing them translates into acquiring new abilities and improving statistics. Those quests are generated on the basis of our play style, so an offensive approach with little defence will make our heroes stronger, but more susceptible to attacks.

Technical aspects

Iron Danger combines a number of elements – from classic fantasy to steampunk, making an interesting mixture of styles.

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